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Emergency / Survival Kits you can trust

Are you prepared for an emergency situation?

With a survival kit from Survival Instinct, you can be.

Designed to provide food, water, shelter and communications in a package that allows you to be discreet and blend in with your environment so you don’t draw unwanted attention from others who will no doubt want what you have.

Designed for Flexibility

Our survival kits have been designed to be flexible so you can stay at home, or leave if it is too dangerous. Everything is high quality and reliable so it works when you need it. And we’ve thought tactically so you are prepared for the worst.


Our survival kits utilise rugged Ranger Green Platatac Tropical Spur packs for portability. these packs are a great balance between size, camouflage, and discretion.  So you can carry  everything you need without getting too much attention and without being tempted to carry things you don’t need.


Aside from removing yourself from immediate danger, water is probably the next most important survival priority.  And our survival kits have it covered. They include up to 20L of water storage per person, as well as the ability to filter water to make it safe to drink, even on the go.


If you need to leave your home, shelter is next on the priority  list.  We’ve got it covered with camouflage, lightweight military hootchies, sleeping mats, and military spec -10 sleeping bags so you stay warm, whatever the weather.


Our survival kits include up to two weeks worth of food, based on a 13,000kj daily intake, which means you could make it last much longer. And our grab bags have two days worth of food if you need to get away in a hurry


Our kits include all the other accessories you will need for survival.  From knives to fire making equipment, lighting, utensils, maps, compasses, and much more

Our Kits

Grab 'n' Go Bag

Grab’n’go Bag

Emergency / Survival Kit - 2 person

Two Person Survival / Emergency Kit

4 person Emergency / Survival Kit

Four Person Survival / Emergency Kit

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