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Emergency / Survival Grab and Go Bag


The survival / emergency kit everyone should have


This is the Grab and Go Bag you want to have in a disaster situation. It contains everything you need to survive unasssisted for several days.  It has food, water, shelter, sleeping, cooking, and survival gear.  All premium quality, and all designed to make survival easy.

Water: Ability to filter up to 2,000L of water on the go.

Food: Two Custom 24hr military spec ration packs. Each pack provides 13000kJ per day meaning that you could make them last longer if required.

Shelter: A versatile and lightweight shelter plus a -10 degrees celcius comfort, military spec sleeping bag, as well as a sleeping mat.

Technology: High capacity powerbank, solar charger, head torch, and a 2-way Radio with FM receiver

Survival: Premium First Aid Kit, Survival Knife and flint, Gas Stove and 2 fuel canisters, Map case, compass and more


What’s in the Kit

  • 24 Hr Ration Pack
    2 x 13000kJ Ration Packs
  • Anker Solar charger
  • firesteel2
  • evac drysack
  • Cups canteen
  • Black Diamond Revolt
  • Asset 1
  • Gonk mat
  • Ground Control tent peg
  • GT3TP
  • Hoochie
  • princeton-tec-helix-basecamp_1
  • MSR Isopro fuel
  • Mapcase
  • K15 First Aid
  • LifestrawGo-02-500x500
  • sea-to-summit-pocket-trowel
  • silva_ranger_Compass
  • Camping Equipment Hire; Camping Gear Hire
    Snugpak Softie 12 Lge
  • Soto Windmaster Stove
  • Spork titanium
    Spork titanium
  • spur-tropical-rg



Additional information


Military spec rations x 2. 13000kJ per day – could be stretched further if need be.


Lightweight shelterplus -10 degree comfort, mil spec sleeping bag


Ability to collect and filter up to 2,000L of water, thanks to two Lifestraw Go! Water bottles


Kit has been designed to be largely man portable, with Grab'n'go bags so if you need to leave you have everything you need to survive.


All of the gear used is premium quality gear that will last in a survival situation


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