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Survival Instinct was founded in 2016, driven by a love of nature and the outdoors. Our founders have significant experience with all things outdoors, from camping to hunting, adventure racing and more.

Our aim is, and always will be to provide people with the best possible camping experience.


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Our Camping Kits have been developed for maximum comfort, ease of use, and fun! Every piece of gear has been carefully selected for its quality, utility, and compact nature in order to bring you the best possible camping experience in the most compact package available. No compromises!

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Our Survival Kits have been developed for flexibility and sustainment. In that we mean to be useful in the widest possible range of disaster / emergency / survival situations.  We’ve considered the worst case scenario and put together kits we would trust to help sustain our families if the worst happened.  Top quality gear that will last.  We hope never to have to use them, but couldn’t bear the thought that we weren’t prepared just in case.


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